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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Radio Podcast From Sat. Feb 14, 2009 (LISTEN NOW!)

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO HOUR 1: In the first hour today we talked about the 27 units of housing proposed for the Saunders School sight in Lawrence, Superintendent of Schools Wilfredo Laboy announces a salary freeze among administrators (including himself) urging the teachers union and other collective bargaining units to follow suit in order to save jobs. Laboy also lost his cool on DPW director Frank McCann over the 500+ work orders being ignored by DPW since 2004 leaving many of the schools in disrepair. An interview with Lawrence Mayor Mike Sullivan on the work orders as well as WIlfredo Laboy.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO HOUR 2: We wrap up our discussion on the unsafe conditions of the schools in Lawrence and shift to Sal Lupoli's NEW $100 Million project to build a retail mall on Merrimack Street in Lawrence. Chet Sidel of Lawrence Community Works attacks Sal's project proposal. Lawrence Mayor Mike Sullivan reveals the EXPLOSIVE details about why he fired building inspector Greg Arvanitis (WOW!) and he held nothing back, Sullivan also weighed in on tax cheat Patrick Blanchette's problems. Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi talks about Methuen Village assisted living and Alzheimers Center off Broadway. Sate Rep. Linda Campbell from Methuen weighs in on Governor Patrick's proposal to put tolls on Rt. 93 and agrees Governor Patrick really IS crazy.

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