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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Radio Show Podcast from January 30, 2009

In the first hour we talked about City of Lawrence elected officials and candidates for office who did not file their campaign finance reports as required by law. We analyzed Patrick Blanchette's finances and compared his $14K to Israel Reyes' $54K. City City Council President Patrick Blanchette refuses to pay his taxes as the Federal Government puts a lien on him for the $8,888.90 in taxes he still owes. Billerica town selectman involved in conflict of interest brings Warren Shaw to the program to talk about a vote taken that the Ethics Comission may be looking at.
Linda Soucy from the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council joined us to talk about the fuel and heating assistance program available for "poor" families. She also revealed how the Arlington Neighborhood Community center has been shut down from lack of funding. She needs $100K to fund the program after Governor Deval Patrick cut the funding 100%.
MORE SCANDAL in the Lawrence Water Department; four employees that get paid to do NOTHING doubling the amount the city has to pay to run the plant, and we are now informed that there is upwards of a $3million deficit in the water department (while we employ four guys who do nothing thanks to the city unions), also: chemicals purchased by SOMEONE with no authority were found at the water treatment plant and the DPW director cannot answer where they came from, who purchased them, with what authority etc., STILL no answer as to why the city failed to test the drinking water last March and August.

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