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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Podcast of Paying Attention! Radio Program, April 4, 2009

Hour 1: A discussion of the North Andover elections and why Bill Gordon won, Karin Rhoten, newly elected member of the North Andover School Committee calls in to talk about her election victory and her priorities on the committee. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno may be getting kicked off channel 7 but WCAP is considering broadcasting the show live every night on the radio . .............we talk about the possibilities.

Hour 2 : In the second hour we talked about The Boston Globe and Eagle Tribune's financial trouble. Mark Rivera being accused of running background checks on political candidates, Tennis Lilly explains Lexus Nexus in simple easy to understand language detailing how background checks are done as well as the federal laws protecting privacy and the prodedures needed to prevent abuses. Will Wilfredo Laboy be fired?

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