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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Podcast from June 7, 2009

Click Here to listen to both hours.
Topics: President Obama' s speech in Egypt, Lawrence City Councilor Grisel Silva is a disgrace and lies about her conflict with Mike Sweeney so we played the audio clips of the conflict back to back with her denials that she ever called his name from the council table. Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi calls in to talk about the bogus tribune story that veterans were being passed over for police jobs to favor political friends and relatives, School Committee candidate Mark Gray attacks Peter Larocque for using school resources to get elected, all the while Gray is using public participation at school committee meetings to promote his political platform in his campaign to unseat Larocque in the next election (which is VERY funny). SAMMY REYES was booked on the show but not only didn't show up he didn't even bother to call to say he couldn't make it. And what the ell is Dunkin' Donuts doing skimping on the size of their flat bread sandwiches??

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  1. HI, I heard the podcast about using public participation. What you said is pretty much spot on. Unfortunatly addressing misuse of school funds is not a issue Laroque will discuss, and weather or not I was running I don't get to duck the issue. If I wanted to 'campaign' I would have picked issues that didn't involve things like tax payer money. I would like to make one important point, Peter Laroque used the podium at the school committee meetings to campaign, he said there was a huge chasm between the parents and the administration. I defended his right to speak then, which is ironic since he doesn't want others to speak when it makes him look bad. By the way I can go into more detail giving you dates and school committee discussions that involve Laroque as well. Even as his opponent I believe in his right to speak at the meetings, as I did before, even though his speaches were campagning and not bringing up specific instances of things that were wrong. So calling the pot black, goes back to Laroque, by the way I think I have dates and times on hands, and some school committee meeting recordings to prove my point. One of the times I was at the podium I asked Mr. Laroque to support a federal investigation with information, he declined.