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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Podcast of Paying Attention! Sat., July 11, 2009


GUEST: Lawrence School Committeeman Sammy Reyes.
Reyes breaks some exclusive news on the show this week revealing for the first time that it was Kevin Clement, Director of Transportation and Safety for the schools who illegally printed campaign material for Peter Larocque. Reyes also claimed that the numbers used for drop out rates in the schools were 100% fake and that the schools pay more than a million dollars in consultants. Reyes was a great guest, revealing the culture and envuronment that existed in the schools for the last two years. It's another Don't MISS show as Reyes shows a very human side and takes his brother (mayoral candidate) Israel Reyes to task for his "style of politics". Sammy Reyes proved toay that he is a serious guy who needs to be taken seriously.
It was Reyes who tipped off police and the Secretary of State's office about allegations of civil and criminal wrongdoing leading to Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy being put on leave, the State Police and District Attorney's office raiding his office and his home and at least a dozen candidates, elected officials and businesses now suspected in benefiting from the school department print shop.

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