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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paying Attention! Radio Program with Tom Duggan, Januray 30, 2010

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Former Lawrence Planning Director Michael Sweeney, Chelmsford State Rep. Tom Golden and Shrewsbury State Rep. Karyn Polito joined us to talk about Governor Deval Patrick's House Bill 4421, the proposal to give the City of Lawrence Massachusetts a $35 MILLION loan (backed by state taxpayers) with no oversight, no fiscal accountability and no receiver to make sure the money is used properly. Jameson Tomesak, candidate for State Senate also called in to talk about the $35 Million loan and discussed his opposition to the bull without receivership being written into the legislation.

Shawn Hansen came in for a few minutes to talk about his comedy columns in the Valley Patriot and his schedule of events for February.

Paul Murnao talked about his trip to Washington DC for the March for Life and Tom Duggan played audio of the Lawrence Exchange Club's Police Officers of the Year Award this week where Lawrence Officer Chris Bussey was honored (among other officers, firefights and EMT's).

Tom Also talked about police brutality and the justice that sometimes occurs when a cop crosses the line.

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