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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WCAP/Valley Patriot News Update with Tom Duggan, (June 26, 2010)

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Tom Duggan had the weekend off for his daughter's Bat Mitzvah so Paul Murano filled in with more silly puns that anyone could imagine! Guests calling into the show were Mary Connaughton, candidate for State Auditor and Former Lawrecnce Mayor Mike Sullivan and Tom Duggan.

Topics Paul talked about:

The insubordination of Gen. McCrystal -- a. Was he right in what he said, and b. Was Obama right in getting rid of him?
BP Oil spill -- How big is the well? Does BP know when it would run dry if not plugged? Etc.
Sports with Timmy -- the Sox, Celts, and the crazy world cup
Anniversary of Michael Jackson's death -- Sister says he was murdered. Anything Micheal...
Conversation with Auditor candidate Mary Connaughton. Asked her about what a state auditor does, why she wants the job, what her role with Lawrence $$ would be, etc., etc.
Technology -- what is the best combination cell phone/internet/text contraption out there today.
Conversation with Mike Sullivan -- What he's doing now, does he feel like George Bush in being blamed for everything, the problems in Lawrence today, his radio show, business etc.
Gallop Poll: Coservatives 42%, Moderates 35%, and Liberals 20%
Talk with Tom Duggan.
George from Groton called in as did Tennis Lilly.
Provincetown -- Condom givaways and instruction to elementary school kids and beyond in the public schools.
Is marriage relevent anymore? Women, the pill, no need for men, the family no longer what it was, etc.
How secular modernism is depopulating europe and in U.S. causing cultural suicide

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