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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Paying Attention! Radio Program with Tom Duggan, (December 15, 2010)

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Tom and Paul talk about the $71 Mil award to the estate of a smoker who proved the cigarette distribution company Lorrilard gave away free Newport Cigarettes to children 45 years ago, STATE SENATOR STEVE BADDOUR calls in to talk about the Ward Hill Connector Bridge, give breaking news on the Methuen Mayor's race in 2011, the legislative priorities for 2011, Baddour also breaks the news that Jim Jajuga will be running for mayor of Methuen.

Tom breaks with the Republican party and praises president Obama for for putting partisanship aside and doing what was best for the country in extending the Bush Tax cuts for the "EVILLLL RICH", Paul talks about his column in this month's Valley Patriot on the Catholic Church's position on condoms, Tom also gave an update on the criminal matters facing Lawrence Police officer Richard Brooks and Deputy Chief Melix Bonilla's son.

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