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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Paying Attention! Radio Program with Tom Duggan, December 3, 2011

Today Tom and Paul talked to North Andover resident Ted Trip called in to talk about the controversy surrounding North Andover School Committee Chairman Chris Allen. Also North Andover Superintendent Hottel tried to charge The Valley Patriot $7,099 for a freedom of information request.
The Valley Patriot's Puppygirl Kate Whitney calls in to talk about her puppy adoptions (MUST HEAR RADIO!).
Our favorite straight man Mr. Maali came into the studio.
The Lawrence public Schools have been taken over by the state.

WCAP news director Kim Saltmarsh calls in to talk about her upcoming trip to Paris Island where she will get to see marine boot camp first hand for four days.
Mr Maali talks about how he had to flee Iran after the fall of the Shah of IRan on 1979. (good stuff!)
Tom and Paul also talked about the public school teacher who had a side job as a gay porn star.

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