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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Paying Attention! Radio Program with Tom Duggan, November 3, 2012

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD OR LISTEN TO Hour 1: Tom Duggan and Dr. Casey McNeal talked about the 1st Essex Senate race and particularly candidate Sean Toohey. State Rep. candidate Lenny Mirra from Newbury called to talk about dirty politics in his race. State Rep. Candidate Kevin Cuff called in to talk about his campaign. Voter Fraud in Lawrence as it is learned that the head of the Election Department has committed fraud. Tom also talked about Lenny Degnan and the corruption in Lawrence. 

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD OR LISTEN TO Hour 2:Hour 2: Tom and Dr. Mcneal talked about Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown. Jack Wilson candidate for Registry of Deeds called in to talk about what a Registrar of Deeds does and what he will do if elected. Karin Rhoton, candidate for the 14th Essex State rep race called to make her last pitch. Tom and Dr. Casey discussed the Paul Adams, Barry Finegold raec for State Senate. We also talked abotout various other races.


A debate between Kathleen O'Connor Ives, Jim Kelcourse and Paul Magliocchetti, candidates for State Senate in the 1st Essex Massachusetts District. Shaun Toohey was invited but chose not to attend. 

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