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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Paying Attention! Radio Program with Tom Duggan, August 16, 2014

Paying Attention is hosted by Tom Duggan, Co-host Paul Murano and is produced by Chris Poublon. Paying Attention and airs on 980WCAP in Lowell on Saturday’s from 10am to noon.

1st Essex Senate Debate

Senator Katheen O'Connor Ives and Jessica Finocchiaro begin their debate talking about what it means to be a Democrat and what separates the two candidates.

 Ives and Finocchiaro fight over the state's minimum wage, what it should be in MA, and whether or not Senator Ives voted for the bill... as well as special interests, grassroots support, permanent voter registration, why both candidates are against the state sales tax and MORE.

In the 1st Hour Tom, Paul and Tom's daughter Justess filled time while waiting for the debate participants to arrive. They talked about the Ferguson debacle and how the media did a terrible job reporting the facts.

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